Cleaners and WIFI

Many cleaners may have issues with WIFI – it costs money. You need to stay connected though, as this is the way we let you know whether a booking came in for you.

The Western Cape Government – and other governments which we will eventually introduce – introduced free wifi back in 2016. The article can be read here:

They don’t give a lot – they only give 250mb of data per month, but this may help you to read your emails – read here:

In short, this is how to connect:

How to connect

  1. Go to device settings on your Wi-Fi enabled device.
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi.
  3. Search for Wi-Fi Networks.
  4. Select NeoHotspot.
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Start browsing!

We hope this is still in place and that this will help the cleaners on our platform. We value you for your efforts to stay connected and to make sure that this pandemic won’t rob you of “life”.

Stay strong, stay connected.


Petro Mc Kenzie

PS: Please note, we will keep updating this information to keep you connected. It is important for all of us and we’re going to do our best to keep you connected with income!