Corona / Covid19, our Clients or Cleaners

It took the world by storm and it is affecting income of those who really need it – and that seems to be all of us.

We’re in for trying times of coping either working from home, having the children at home or working in times where we’re supposed to stay at home, but still have to provide for our loved ones.

Please consider your cleaner in these times. This realities of this is filling many with fear but also stifling income which is meant to sustain their own families.


  • You have not been visiting another country, recently
  • You have been tested and tested NEGATIVE to Corona/COVID19
  • You have not knowingly come into contact with anyone that tested positive for the virus
  • You can provide masks, gloves, disinfectant and sanitizers even if just for your own home


If possible, please donate sanitizer to your cleaner

Let’s Clean Admin

We wish all our clients and cleaners health, strength and the ability to stay positive in these times. If nothing else, for once the world is quiet, healing itself from air pollution and uniting people across the globe if not to respect differences, at the very least to kill this invisible yet visible virus.